rockinyoshi (rockinyoshi) wrote in young_life,

Almost time for camp!!!

Hey, I'm taking some kids to Wyldlife camp at Rockbridge Alum Springs Aug. 12th-16th. Is anyone else going? Has anyone taken Wyldlife kids to camp before that could give me some pointers? I did Young Life in high school, and was a semi-leader then, but I never had any association with Wyldlife until I was placed there, so I'm not sure just how much the camp experience differs between the two. Also, I need some prayer for the next 2 weeks leading up to camp that I can really show these kids Christ through myself. I've always had a problem being a "thinking Christian," and not so much one that follows my heart and does what I need to do when God tells me to do it. Thanks a bunch in advance, guys. Hope everyone else's camps have been going great. It's still amazing to me that God has allowed us to have the influence on kids that we do. We are truly blessed.
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